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Aduna Ingredients specialises in the ethical and sustainable sourcing and supply of innovative, functional, plant-based ingredients from Africa.

We operate a partnership-based model, working hand-in-hand with producers to create and deliver high quality ingredients from scalable and traceable supply chains, that bring measurable social and environmental impacts.

By focusing on a targeted selection of underutilised, hard-to-source ingredients over a period of 10+ years, we have been able to “go deep”, developing significant and market-leading expertise. Ingredients we have pioneered include baobab fruit, moringa leaf and fonio grain.


Aduna exists to improve lives by unlocking the potential of Africa’s natural ingredients – in three key areas:

  • Improving people’s diets through improved nutrition
  • Conserving and regenerating the environment
  • Enabling new and sustainable incomes for small-scale rural producers


The aid model for economic development in rural Africa has long since failed. Rural villages across the continent are littered with rusted signposts for expired agricultural value chain projects, mainly focused on low-value commodities. Most of these have failed for the same single reason: the lack of a viable market.

Meanwhile, these same communities have access to an abundance of indigenous natural ingredients, many of which possess an extraordinary combination of high potential in the global market with the capacity to regenerate the environment. However, due to a lack of resources and market access, these same communities are unable to realise their full value. Aduna exists to change this.

Aduna is a pioneer of Africa’s underutilised ingredients. We catalyse the creation of demand, whilst working with local partners to create inclusive, robust and equitable value chains. The outcome is innovative ingredients which deliver new and sustainable markets and improved livelihoods. By focusing on species with intrinsic regenerative properties, the protection of biodiversity and restoration of the environment is also fully integrated into the proposition.

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